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Beware the jealousy of princes

Once again, those who would know the true identity of the world’s greatest criminals have cause to be thankful: WikiLeaks has revealed the real culprit behind the triple bombing at a Sharm El-Sheikh hotel in 2005 that killed 88 people. His name is Gamal Mubarak, son and once heir-apparent to former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. And, if some of the Egyptian protesters who brought down the elder Mubarak had not caught Mubarak’s former security personnel in the act of trying to destroy evidence of the regime’s malefactions, and seized and photographed some of the incriminating documents — creating in the process a local WikiLeaks offshoot called Amn Dawla Leaks — we would never have learned that fact.

Egyptian light candles to mourn those killed in 2005 Sharm El-Sheikh hotel bombing

The candles of sorrow: On the night of 24 July 2005, Egyptians gather to mourn the victims of a deadly bombing
and to protest against terrorism.
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After this crime, the Mubarak regime successfully blamed the attack on Islamist or Bedouin terrorists, prompting a period of “soul searching” for Egyptians. But the real story, according to the seized documents with which this article links, is far more sordid: After Hussein Salem (owner of the Movenpick Hotel that was the bombers’ principal target) reduced Gamal Mubarak’s share of the commission on natural gas sales to Israel from ten to five percent, Mubarak first berated Salem for a half-hour, and then vowed revenge. Destroying that hotel and another one, in Movenpick village, that also belonged to Salem, was the first step in that revenge; quickly shunting the blame so that Salem could demand no redress was the second.

I can only imagine that this report gives Egyptians yet another reason to be pleased that Gamal Mubarak is now extremely unlikely to return and try to take his father’s place as president-for-life. It has long been rumored that the son was at least as dishonest and autocratic as the father, but now we have seen that he is also at least as avaricious and brutal.

Originally published as a review of an article on the Sharm el-Sheikh bombing
and the Amn Dawla Leaks documents.

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