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Ego deflated?

It is hardly surprising if this report* is true and 92 percent of Afghans never heard of 9/11. We should perhaps bear in mind that, given a recent history in which first the USSR and then the Taliban and now the occupying powers led by the US have vied for domination of this eminently geostrategically crucial region, Afghans have had ceaseless local conflict to keep them busy. Why, then, should we expect them to follow the news from half a planet away?

Building destroyed by car bomb, Afghanistan, 2009

Looming wreckage: Long wracked by war and threats at home, Afghanistan somehow failed to follow the news
from abroad in 2001.
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Of course, this is nothing new. The U.S. has long assumed its centrality in world affairs. We are so self-obsessed that we assume that this obsession is shared by the rest of humanity.

*Originally published as a review of a article on Afghans’ unawareness of the 9/11 attacks that precipitated an invasion and occupation of their country.

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