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Thrown under the bus? Don’t worry

This is a novel concept: the bus-as-tunnel. As the photograph below depicts, these straddling buses — now being developed in China — offer a new public-transportation option that’s far cheaper to build than a subway, but doesn’t block the road because vehicles and pedestrians can go under it.

Straddling bus

Straddling buses add a dimension to China’s transportation grid, carrying passengers above the flow of traffic.
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Chinese officials expect this vehicle to reduce congestion and pollution — which is good, because if China really intends to adopt an American lifestyle for its 1.3 billion people, more congestion and pollution are exactly what it can expect.

One caveat, though, if you find yourself driving underneath one of these buses: Don’t try any sudden sharp turns.

Originally published as a review of an post on China’s straddling buses.

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