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A question of modus operandi?

The assassinations of two well-respected Iranian scientists have been blamed on Iran’s own government, in reprisal for those scientists’ support for opposition groups, on the grounds of their common method: They were both carried out by attackers on motorcycles, which one analyst notes as a trademark of the Revolutionary Guards. The same applies to a third assassination attempt, this one unsuccessful.

Funeral procession for slain nuclear scientist, Iran

Iranians mourn during a funeral procession for nuclear scientist Ahmadi Roshani, one of five scientists assassinated by Mossad.
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If, however, the question of the authorship of these crimes turns on their modus operandi, then another possibility, raised in this article, must be considered: Israel, which has a considerable stake in slowing Iran’s nuclear projects in keeping with its resolve to remain the only nuclear power in the Middle East, may be the actual perpetrator. This is not merely because of Israel’s motive, however; what skeptics questioning the US-sanctioned theory point to is another crime, which occurred on the streets of Tel Aviv in 2008: In this case, an Israeli crime boss was assassinated, purportedly at the hands of rival criminals, by exactly the same method.

Interesting sidelight: So far, no one has pointed to WikiLeaks’ revelations as the cause of any death. But the cable that disclosed the Tel Aviv crime, published by WikiLeaks, could prove instrumental in solving the deaths of two scientists and bringing their killers to trial.


“Stop hitting yourself!”

If your school experience is typical of Western public education, you’ll probably remember hearing these words with some regularity. Then you look over to see a grinning bully — more often than not surrounded by a snickering crowd of his admirers — holding a smaller student by the forearm and forcing him to hit his own face.

Re-reading this page, originally written in 2011, from my vantage-point on 7 May 2015, I’m struck by how similar a scenario was described in these assassinations. As Iranian nuclear physicists were slain on the streets, the United States and Israel put about the claim that the Iranian government was orchestrating their killings itself as some sort of retribution for the scientists’ political dissent. “Why,” they asked, “is Iran killing its own scientists?”

But I think it came as a surprise to no one with even a passing familiarity with the cast of characters when the United States admitted in 2012 that it was Mossad that had been carrying out the assassinations all along.

Originally published as a review of a article on the assassination of two Iranian nuclear scientists.

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