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Under cover of distraction?

Perhaps it was pre-emptive: As the people of Egypt thronged Tahrir Square and drove from power a kleptoplutocratic tyrant who had ruled them with a leaden fist for three decades, Israel may have thought it necessary to issue a practical “warning” to the Palestinians of Gaza, to the effect that they had better not celebrate what many perceive as a breakthrough in the Middle Eastern status quo of potential help to them in seeking liberation from Israeli domination. Or perhaps it was a mere act of cowardly opportunism: taking the world’s attention being focused on Cairo as a chance to inflict further damage upon a society already struggling for mere survival.

A rescue worker sifts through rubble in Gaza, 2011

A rescue worker sifts through rubble in Gaza, 2011.
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Either way, there is no recognized reason for the seven air strikes that Israel launched on Gaza, so this act must join a litany of such atrocities seemingly visited upon Gaza for their own sake.

Israel will now have discovered, however, that the world was not so thoroughly distracted as it may have thought. And if the pathocrats currently in control of Israel think such craven torture of a helpless population is likely to endear them to the people of Egypt as the latter assume control over their country’s affairs, they are very probably in for an unpleasant surprise.

Meanwhile, Israel may soon face an uprising of its own, for it has instituted economic policies that are draining wealth from the lower and middle classes for the further enrichment of the upper — which should sound as familiar to Americans as to Egyptians — and may be approaching a political impasse in which it can no longer count on suppressing the outrage of its victims.

“Interesting times,” as the Chinese proverb has it, lie ahead for Israel as for the rest of the Middle East. And if indeed this be a curse, then its “leaders” have incurred it by their own misdeeds.

Originally published as a review of a Facebook posting about Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

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