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When embassies become command centers

When will WikiLeaks stop embarrassing the United States’ diplomatic corps?

Barracks outside U.S. embassy in Beirut destroyed by car bomb.

Beirut, 1983: The barracks outside the U.S. Embassy were destroyed by a car bomb, killing 241 military personnel.
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Now, the leaks site has disclosed the role that the U.S. embassy in Beirut has played, for many years, in an ongoing attempt to fragment and destabilize Lebanon for the benefit of Israel. So deeply did the embassy interfere in Lebanon’s affairs that, in 1983, it functioned as a base for the Israeli faction in that nation’s ongoing civil war, and was deemed a valid military target as a result. Meanwhile, as in many other countries, the principal role of the embassy and its personnel has been one of espionage, in this case compounded by manipulation of Sunni factions to serve as antagonists to the Shia-preponderant Hezbollah, the propagation of disinformation, and covert aid to a country that has invaded and occupied parts of Lebanon on several occasions.

Perhaps the answer is that the diplomats will be free of embarrassment the day they cease conspiring against their host countries and other such dishonorable activities that can reasonably be expected to bring discredit upon them. After all, “They who do what they should not, must hear what they would not.” And from today, either WikiLeaks or some successor site will tell the world of what the diplomats are doing in their country’s name, so whether US diplomats are to be mortified or flattered by such disclosures depends entirely on whether they continue to do what they should not.

Originally published as a review of an English-language article on U.S. and Israeli interference in Lebanese internal affairs; this article is now unavailable,
but my comment on it stands.

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