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‘Let him who hath not sinned...’

What an earthshaking surprise this report isn’t.

Saudi students in prayer

Sauce for the goose: Saudi students pray while their spoiled princelings party hearty.
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The world over, ruling elites compel their people to live by one set of laws while they live by quite another. That this is prevalent in nominally pious Saudi Arabia is precisely what one might expect who has either known people in the West who originated there or in other countries with similarly sanctimonious official cultures, or has observed the behavior of people in the U.S. who come from the Bible Belt to attend conventions elsewhere: In both cases, once free from the rules that bind others in their home countries or states, they often “sin” with an elan in direct proportion to the severity of the code of conduct that is putatively their guide.

Even so, I hope ordinary Saudis will have a chance to review these cables and affirm for themselves the hypocrisy of their ruling family and its cronies. I’m sure most of them know or at least suspect this hidden reality, but this will make it far harder to dismiss such suspicions. I, for one, would not be sorry to see the Saudi royals face new and hostile scrutiny from the people whom they have so long oppressed.

Originally published as a review of a Guardian article on the behavior of the Saudi elite.

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